About Sparkly Space

In the busy city of Los Angeles, making the best out of every moment is essential to keep up with it’s vibrant energetic pace. Everyone is busy either working, studying, creating, preparing… everyone has something to do!
To excel in whatever you do, one has to be fully focused on things that matter. It doesn’t matter if you use your home space to finish the bulk of your work, or you use it to rest after a long day of fulfilling achievements, having a clean space is crucial for your well-being, for your productivity and for your overall mood.
Sparkly Space provides Crystal Clean services for all Los Angeles’ residents with competitive prices and mindset that puts the customer first.
Don’t waste time cleaning your home, we got professionals to do the job for you.
Your time is better spent done what you do best, leave the cleaning to us as this is the best thing we do.
One call does it all. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sparks of a Crystal Clean Home.