Full Spark
Full Spark Deep Cleaning

Our most popular cleaning service; this service keeps your home spotless.
Our professional team dwells into the details of your home; not only do we clean surfaces, but also clean under couches, under beds, wipe baseboards and much more...

Here's a list of the included services:

Cleaning Oven Exterior And Stove Top
Cleaning and Wiping Fridge Exterior
Cleaning Cabinet Exterior
Cleaning And Wiping Kitchen Appliances
Washing Sinks
Cleaning Counter Tops
Removing Soap Scum
Wiping And Cleaning All Visible Surfaces
Bedrooms and All Living Spaces
Wipe Ceiling Fans
Dusting Ceiling Fans
Sanitizing All Surfaces
Cleaning Light Switches and Door Knobs
Wiping And Cleaning Windowsills
Cleaning Laundry Room
Taking Out Trash
Dusting Baseboards
Dusting and Tidying Furniture
Dusting All Visible Electronics
Bed Making
Vacuuming All Carpets & Rugs
Mopping Floor
Cleaning All Staircases Inside The Property
Cleaning Hallways
Basic Organizing
Cleaning Mirrors
Cleaning All Visible Surfaces
Soap Scum Removal
Cleaning Sink And Counter Tops
Cleaning Cabinet Exteriors
Cleaning Tubs And Showers
Cleaning Toilet Seats Inside And Outside
Cleaning And Polishing Faucets